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Development & training
The personal development of our employees is very important to us. We encourage the constant dialog between our employees and managers, and promote lifelong learning and the exchange of knowledge.

We offer our employees a wide election of courses and trainings, degrees and diplomas, collaboration and networking opportunities, mentoring and coaching programs, as well as opportunities to develop capabilities through on -thejob challenges. We encourage all of our employees to improve their skills and maximize their potential. That is why we established the Siemens Learning Campus, where all of our employees have the chance to broaden their knowledge and advance their careers.

At Siemens we develop and encourage our leaders to lead themselves, their people and their business.

This means nurturing a culture of values-based leadership and collaboration across our global organization, and acting as if Siemens were your own company. Leadership is based on shared values and is a prime driver for employee engagement and business value. We lead others by establishing and maintaining trust, demonstrating trust and respect for our people, and leveraging diversity and empowering others. Our leaders understand that innovation takes place in all functions in the company, and is key to achieving personal and organizational excellence and adaptability.

Working internationally
We offer our employees a wide range of possibilities to take up international challenges and broaden their horizons by working with people from other cultures. The targeted exchange of our employees provides the opportunity to work abroad on a delegation, encouraging knowledge transfer, execution of a specific function, or career development.

Our aim is to create an outstanding and sustainable working culture and environment that inspires our employees today and in the future. With the Siemens Office Concept, which will be implemented worldwide, we make forward-looking working environments a reality.

We promote mobile working and flexibility by enabling employees to select the most suitable working environment to meet their needs. An excellent and innovative IT environment is a prerequisite for this: we provide a suite of tools to make flexible working and collaboration possible. To make your daily life easier and create a healthy work-life balance, we offer flexible working models and support for our health and well-being.

Balancing career & personal life
We aim to respond to the changing lives of our employees and their diverse needs.

We support our employees’ desire to balance their career and family, provide them with an excellent work environment with flexible work conditions and respective programs. This includes childcare provision, re-entry programs after parental leave, help for family members in need of care, flexible working schedules and home office arrangements. Programs may vary depending on the location.

Body & soul
Being healthy means much more than not being sick. To us, health is a positive concept. We continually strive to improve our employees’ physical, mental and social well-being and enhancing their personal health resources.

We want our employees to enjoy a long and healthy life. Our health management activities include a healthy work environment with ergonomics training courses and support for psychosocial well-being, including stress management seminars, in-house gym activities, healthy nutrition in our staff restaurants, as well as medical care. Available activities vary from location to location.

Rewards & benefits
We believe reward and opportunity are key aspects of working at Siemens. It is about knowing and taking advantage of everything we offer our employees, from flexible benefits to community work, from well-being to career opportunities.

In addition to your salary, we offer a number of rewards and benefits. A variety of share ownership programs give our employees the opportunity to own a stake in the company. You can also benefit from pension provision, personal and company-funded insurance services, medical services, health treatments as well as social counseling. Additional benefits include child care facilities, elder care and sabbaticals. Benefits vary depending on location.

By diversity we mean the inclusion of and cooperation between different ways of thinking, levels of experience, expertise and individual skills.

We support and encourage diversity through a number of activities at all our locations. These include the global networks set up to identify diversity topics across the company, such as the network of Siemens Diversity Ambassadors and the Global Leadership Organization of Women. Another example is the internal social media platform we are implementing globally. This convenient one-stop location enables a real-time exchange of knowledge, information and ideas.

Gender balance
At Siemens, women and men are equally appreciated – no matter at what stage in their lives.

Men and women are equally encouraged and supported to develop professionally. Our processes are gender-neutral and we offer a large number of measures to enable a healthy balance of career and personal life that takes the needs of both sexes into account.