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School leavers


We depend on our people to help us shape the future. Programs like apprenticeships, dual degree programs and other work-based education models are a great way to turn talented young people like you into the experts we need tomorrow.

If you are about to leave school and are considering your next direction, our technical, IT or commercial work-based education programs might be the ideal springboard to success for you. You will develop indemand skills and gain a professional qualification. In addition to your learning experience, you will earn money while you learn and have the prospect of a career with a world-class company.

  • Your education

    Classroom training is typically provided by a vocational school, a college or a partner university. This is where you will study the theoretical basics for your future job.

    Training Center
    Training centers are typically run by Siemens. This is where you will apply the techniques, methods and skills needed for your future job.

    In practical phases, you will experience your future job in a Siemens department, working on real customer projects.

  • Degrees and career

    Your learning progress is continuously measured against learning targets and required competencies.

    Final certification is based on portable and accepted external standards.

    Career opportunities
    There are no glass ceilings at Siemens: professional education gives access to all of our career opportunity offers.

  • Who are we looking for?

    Are you about to graduate from school? Are you open-minded and curious about the world? Are you looking for career opportunities in a world class company? Join us! We offer challenging and diverse career opportunities.

  • Do you have any questions?

    1. How do I benefit from an apprenticeship or dual degree program?

    Work-based education programs like apprenticeships and dual degree programs support the transition from education to work. They help you develop the skill sets needed in companies like Siemens and provide you with acceptable and marketable certificates.

    2. Why do we offer apprenticeships or dual degree programs?

    We strongly believe in the effectiveness and success of apprenticeships and dual degree programs. That is why we have provided vocational education and training (VET) to our workforce for over 120 years. These work-based education models combine the theory taught in classrooms with the practical experience gained in companies and make you ready for your career. Work-based education is the most effective way of fighting youth unemployment.

    3. Where do we offer apprenticeships or dual degree programs?

    We offer apprenticeships or dual degree programs in over 20 countries. Choose your region of choice and find out more on the local websites.

    On top of that, we offer more than 90 apprentices from 18 European countries the chance to earn a degree from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce by completing a German vocational training program in Berlin called Europeans@Siemens. Find out more.

    4. What will my contractual situation look like?

    In general, your work at Siemens is paid. You earn while you learn.

    5. How can I apply for an apprenticeship or dual degree program?

    You can apply in the region of your choice. You will find all the information about applications on the local Jobs & Careers websites.

Advice for applicants
Please apply directly in your preferred country. Further details can be found on the local websites.

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