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If you have graduated with above average exam results, are open-minded and curious to learn more about the world, we offer you the perfect place to start a career that makes a real difference.

As a world-leading company in developing and producing the most advanced engineering technologies, we are involved in more parts of the industry than nearly anyone else. In any area of life where technology plays a role, Siemens is present- you are sure to find an area that interests you. We offer a number of programs and entry opportunities to join us.

  • Your opportunities are:

    Direct entry
    You have gained practical experience as a working student or during internships and now you have decided what area you want to put your expertise to work in. A direct entry gives you the opportunity to jump right into day-to-day business and get involved in fascinating projects, allowing you to contribute and enhance your professional qualifications.

    Siemens Management Consulting (SMC)
    Start your career as a strategy consultant. Our consulting services range from strategy development and benchmarking to growth and innovation projects.

    The Siemens Advanced Program (SiAP)
    Gain a master’s degree at top universities and simultaneously manage hands-on projects around the world with this two-year program.

    The Siemens Graduate Program (SGP)
    You are a Master graduate? This two-year entry program will give you three challenging assignments nationally as well as internationally. You will receive intense on and off-the-job training, rewarding experiences and a unique network to launch your career.

  • We are looking for:

    Personal skills
    If you are a motivated and talented individual who is passionate, self-assured and shows the curiosity, dedication and enthusiasm for teamwork needed to make a real difference in the way we live, then you are exactly who we are looking for.

    Academic background
    Due to the nature of our business, we mostly employ graduates with degrees in electrical, mechanical or industrial engineering, business informatics, physics, economics and computer science. If this description does not fit you, you are still more than welcome to apply. We are always curious to see what difference people with other academic backgrounds can make.

    Strong communicators
    We expect you to be confident in both written and spoken English as a second language, and to be good at communicating in general. You need to be confident enough to move in international business circles without losing track of what you set out to achieve.

    Project managers
    We expect you to work on strategic projects early in your career. We welcome individuals who are eager to increase their knowledge and who aim to perfect the skills necessary to execute the kind of high-visibility projects we deal with on a daily basis.

    Tomorrow's leaders
    The raw talents of today are the leaders of tomorrow. We seek candidates who are strongly oriented toward business results, strategic innovation and customer needs. You should be willing to administer change management processes and to develop successful teams. Intercultural sensitivity and the ability to lead and collaborate are basic requirements for a high-level career at Siemens.