Success from innovation


For almost 170 years, groundbreaking ideas, new concepts and convincing business models have been the guarantors of our success. Our innovations move beyond mere ideas to become convincing products that conquer markets and set benchmarks. They have made our company big and strong, and will enable us to build a successful future.

  • With Synchronous Technology, Howard Mattson and Douglas King have significantly contributed to an entirely new working environment for digital design.
  • Dr. Pornsak Songkakul’s software unites building automation and IT management, pushing down the cost of cooling server rooms.
  • Reliable interventions thanks to Dr. Ali Kamen’s algorithms.
  • Alto Stemmer’s software improves the quality of chest images.

Our strategy for the future

Innovations are the central pillar of our Vision 2020, the goal of which is to secure Siemens’ competitiveness in the long term and help us achieve profitable, sustainable growth. It is our key to the future.